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Related Publications & Software

Clumpiness: Schwartz, G.W., Shokoufandeh, A., Ontanon, S., Hershberg, U. (2016) Using a novel clumpiness measure to unite data with metadata: finding common sequence patterns in immune receptor germline V genes. Pattern Recognition Letters 74: 24-29

ConservedIdentification: Zhang, B., Meng, W., Luning Prak, E.T. and Hershberg U. (2015) Discrimination of germline V genes at different sequencing lengths and mutational burdens: A new tool for identifying and evaluating the reliability of V gene assignment. Journal of Immunological Methods 427: 105-116

Diversity: Schwartz, G.W., Hershberg, U. (2013) Conserved variation: identifying patterns of stability and variability in BCR and TCR V genes with different diversity and richness metrics. Phys Biol 10