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scalaz "For the Rest of Us" Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts (BASE) Aug 2012

Slides and scalaz Cheat Sheet are both available.

This talk provides an introduction to the amazing scalaz library not through a brain-exploding introduction to category theory or monad laws, but via its simplest practical parts for a functional programming novice. You'll learn: how to use scalaz to make your code simpler, more readable and more testable; how scalaz "makes up for" some missing parts of Scala itself; how scalaz helps make your code more type-safe; and an introduction to how scalaz encapsulates common patterns like dependency-injection and data validation. A scalaz "cheat sheet" will be provided to all attendees.

Bio: Adam is a software engineer at Box where he leads projects to adopt Scala for backend services and implement continuous deployment (CD) practices across the company. He previously worked at Wealthfront, a financial startup recognized as a pioneer in CD. Prior to that he worked at various startups and spent five years as a developer at Xerox PARC.

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