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Hi there! 👋 My name is Martin and I'm currently working full-time on Open Source software.

Most of my time is spent on GoatCounter, an open source web analytics platform available as a hosted service (free for non-commercial use) or self-hosted app. It aims to offer easy to use and meaningful privacy-friendly web analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics or Matomo. Also see Why I made GoatCounter.

I've also written (and maintain) a whole bunch of other stuff over the years; some of the more useful ones (for me, anyway 😅) can be seen below. I also have a list on my website.

You can consider sponsoring me if you find any of this useful 😅 Since I'm working on this full-time with little other source of income it goes directly towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of all of this. I have a one-time donation form, if you prefer.

Feel free to just create a GitHub issue for questions, or just drop me an email at I'm usually happy to answer them :-)


  1. Easy web analytics. No tracking of personal data.

    Go 1.9k 64

  2. A Vim plugin for the Go programming language

    Vim script 107 7

  3. Highlight the cursor position in X11

    C 101 22

  4. A CSS template focused on readability

    CSS 149 4

  5. This is my site. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    HTML 29 6

  6. Query the Unicode database from the commandline, with good support for emojis

    Go 636 13