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A POS Templating Language
Shell HTML
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A Piece Of Shit Templating Language. For when you need more power in your HTML but you don't want to use some hipster bullshit crazy nodeJS library with fifteen gabillion hundred dependencies, half of which were deprecated three years ago but remain unfixed


apostl is just a small program to make it easier to run the one true templating language m4 on your HTML. m4 gives you the power of includes and is turing complete. It was invented for performing text transformations such as this


I was too lazy to keep rewriting my make file for each prototype. Plus maybe apostl will have some default includes someday


I'm glad you asked. Step right up and get your own discounted apostl right here folks

Make sure you have m4 installed and apostl in your path. Then cd into your project's directory and run apostl. Everything gets built into a build folder. Just delete what you don't want

$ cd project && apostl

Contributing and Issues

apostl has no bugs. It is beautiful as it is. Leave apostl alone ⸮

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