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Use globbing patterns for :edit, :tabedit, etc.
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Otherwise it will break for files with e.g. spaces.
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This project is considered finished

Add variants of :edit and friends that can take a globbing pattern to open multiple files:

:Edit plugin/*.vim doc/*.doc
:Split ??_*.c

See :help wildcards for a overview of the globbing patterns interpreted by Vim.

Compare this to the default behaviour of :edit *.vim, which will either:

  • open a file named *.vim if there are no matches;
  • open the file if there is exactly one match;
  • error out with E77: Too many file names if there are more than one matches.

Based on my answer here, which also lists some other solutions.

By default it'll map :Edit, :Tabedit, :Split, and :Vsplit. You can use :cabbr tabe Tabe etc. to use it automatically.

See :help globedit for the full documentation.

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