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Filetype-specific mappings for [[, ]], g[, and g]


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Mappings for [[, ]], g[, and g] to jump to the next or previous section.

[[ and ]] jumps between declarations such as functions, classes, etc.

g[ and g] jumps between sections, such as if, for, while statements.

Use g:jumpy_map to configure the mappings:

let g:jumpy_map = [']]', '[[', 'g]', 'g[']                               Default
let g:jumpy_map = ['<Leader>]', '<Leader>[', '<Leader>}', '<Leader>{']   Use Leader
let g:jumpy_map = [']]', ']]', '', '']                                   Map only [[ and ]]
let g:jumpy_map = 0                                                      Don't map anything

Use g:jumpy_after to run a command after after jumping:

let g:jumpy_after = ''                             Default
let g:jumpy_after = 'zz'                           Centre the screen

Currently supported filetypes are listed below; if there isn't a pattern defined for a filetype it will match the first non-indented line that starts with a letter for [[ and ]] as a fallback (this trick was stolen copied from here).

Filetype     [[ and ]]                           g[ and g]
--------     ---------                           ---------
awk          Start of pattern-action
c            Function/typedef opening brace      if, for, switch, while, and do statement
crystal      Method, class, or module
cs           Class, class method
css          Selector
diff         File                                Hunk
dosini       Section
git          Commit in git log
gitconfig    Section
go           Top-level declaration               if, for, switch, and go statement
gomod        Replace/require
graphql      GraphQL structure.
help         Help tag definition
html         Common block elements
javascript   Function declaration/expression
lua          Function definition
make         Target
markdown     Header and horizontal rule
php          Function, class, interface
python       Function, method, class
qf           Next/prev filename
ruby         Method, class, or module
sh           POSIX function declaration          if, for, while, until, case
sql          CREATE and BEGIN
tex          Beginning of a section
toml         Table
vcl          Function or backend
vim          Function, command, and augroup      if, for, while, and try
yaml         Top-level key
zsh          Function declaration                if, for, while, until, case, foreach, repeat, select

This overrides mappings for some filetypes in Vim's standard distribution for consistency and usefulness (e.g. ft=vim behaves different when it can't find a match, ft=sql only jumps to BEGIN and not CREATE, etc.)

Adding a new filetype

  1. Add after/ftplugin/<ft>.vim; the first line should be a a comment documenting the [[ and ]] behaviour, and the second line a comment documenting g[ and g].

  2. Call jumpy#map('[[ ]] pattern', 'g[ g] pattern').

  3. Add a test in autoload/jumpy_test.vim; the key is a filename from autoload/testdata/test.ext and the value a list of line numbers you expect it to jump to. The plugin is tested with testing.vim; running the full test suite should be as easy as tvim test ./....

  4. Use ./tbl to create the table to update the README.

Alternatively, you can use a Filetype autocmd in your vimrc file:

autocmd Filetype myft call jumpy#map('[[ ]] pattern', 'g[ g] pattern')


Filetype-specific mappings for [[, ]], g[, and g]








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