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Filetype-specific mappings for [[, ]], g[, and g] to jump to the next or previous section.

[[ and ]] jumps between declarations such as functions, classes, etc.

g[ and g] jumps between sections, such as if, for, while statements.

Use g:jumpy_map to configure the mappings:

let g:jumpy_map = [']]', '[[', 'g]', 'g[']                               Defaults.
let g:jumpy_map = ['<Leader>]', '<Leader>[', '<Leader>}', '<Leader>{']   Use Leader.
let g:jumpy_map = [']]', ']]', '', '']                                   Map only [[ and ]]
let g:jumpy_map = 0                                                      Don't map anything.

Use g:jumpy_after to run a command after after jumping:

let g:jumpy_after = ''                             Default.
let g:jumpy_after = 'zz'                           Center the screen.

Currently supported filetype with their patterns:

Filetype     [[ and ]]                           g[ and g]
--------     ---------                           ---------
c            Function/typedef opening brace      if, for, switch, while, and do statement
crystal      Method, class, or module
css          Selector
diff         File                                Hunk
git          Commit in git log
gitconfig    Section
go           Top-level declaration               if, for, switch, and go statement
gomod        Replace/require
help         Help tag definition
html         Common block elements
javascript   Function declaration/expression
lua          Function definition
make         Target
markdown     Header and horizontal rule
php          Function, class, interface
python       Function, method, class
qf           Next/prev filename
ruby         Method, class, or module
sh           POSIX function declaration          if, for, while, until, case
sql          CREATE and BEGIN
tex          Beginning of a section
vcl          Function or backend
vim          Function, command, and augroup      if, for, while, and try
yaml         Top-level key
zsh          Function declaration                if, for, while, until, case, foreach, repeat, select

This overrides mappings for some filetypes in Vim's standard distribution for consistency and usefulness (e.g. ft=vim behaves different when it can't find a match, ft=sql only jumps to BEGIN and not CREATE, etc.)

Adding a new filetype

  1. Add after/ftplugin/<ft>.vim; the first line should be a a comment documenting the [[ and ]] behaviour, and the second line a comment documenting g[ and g].

  2. Call jumpy#map('[[ ]] pattern', 'g[ g] pattern').

  3. Add a test in autoload/jumpy_test.vim; the key is a filename from autoload/testdata/test.ext and the value a list of line numbers you expect it to jump to. The plugin is tested with testing.vim; running the full test suite should be as easy as tvim test ./....

  4. Use ./tbl to create the table.

Alternatively, you can use a Filetype autocmd in your local vimrc file:

autocmd Filetype myft call jumpy#map('[[ ]] pattern', 'g[ g] pattern')


Filetype-specific mappings for [[, ]], g[, and g]





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