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Web based audio player.
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This project is archived

Nordavind is a web based audio player.

Current status: It's usable but not as polished as I'd like it to be.

Browser support

Nordavind works best in Firefox; WebKit browsers (eg. Chrome) are known to be broken, as WebKit doesn't bufffer & seek properly (this seems to be a problem/bug on their side, near as I can figure out).
Other browsers may work, but aren't tested. Feel free to report problems if you encounter them.

Browsers that will never work are Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 5.

Audio codecs

Nordavind will transparently convert FLAC, MP3, and OGG files for you so that your browser can play them, but you should be aware that converting from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis (or vice versa) will reduce audio quality even at fairly high bitrates because you’re converting from one lossy format to another. So you may want to choose your browser depending on the format of you music collection.

Note that converting FLAC to either format is fine.




  • Pillow or any other PIL-compatible library (there are several), this is used to scale large covers to a reasonable size, if not installed, large covers simply won't be displayed
  • If you want to convert from FLAC to Ogg Vorbis: flac and oggenc
  • If you want to convert from FLAC to MP3: flac and lame
  • If you want to convert from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis: mpg123 and oggenc
  • If you want to convert from Ogg Vorbis to MP3: oggdec and lame


You almost certainly want to edit config.cfg and edit at least the password and musicpath options.


Run to start the server. You can optionally add an address:port to listen on (defaults to

Adding your music collection

You can use to update your music collection; by default, this does a full update (add new files, update existing files, remove deleted files, calculate replaygain if missing).

See -h for some options.

Using Nordavind

A pane (library, playlist, player, info) needs to have focus for it to receive keybinds.


  • The tab key cycles focus between playlist, library, filter, and the player buttons


  • Doubleclicking an artist will open/close it

  • Doubleclicking an album will append it to the playlist

  • Middleclicking either an artist or album will append it to the playlist (note that there's no reliable way to prevent the default action on middle click, so this may do unexpected things)

  • Typing any text while the library is focused will highlight whatever you’re typing (similar to many native desktop applications)


  • You can select multiple rows with the shift & ctrl modifier keys

  • Arrow keys, page{up,down}, home, and end all work as expected.

  • ctrl+a selects everything


  • Click on the album to get a larger view


Nothing yet...


Copyright © 2013-2015 Martin Tournoij
MIT license applies

Nordavind includes (in whole, or code based on):

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