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Bundle external assets in a HTML file to distribute a stand-alone HTML document.
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Inline CSS, JavaScript, and images in a HTML file to distribute a stand-alone HTML document without external dependencies.

This program is written in Go. To install it, you'll need to have Go installed; you can then install it to ~/go/bin/singlepage with:

go get

Running it is as easy as singlepage file.html > bundled.html. There are a bunch of options; use singlepage -help to see the full documentation.

Use the package if you want to integrate this in a Go program; godocgen does this for example.

It uses tdewolff/minify for minification, so please report bugs or other questions there.

Why would I want to use this?

There are a few reasons:

  • Sometimes distributing a single HTML document is easier; for example for rendered HTML documentation.

  • It makes pages slightly faster to load if your CSS/JS assets are small(-ish); especially on slower connections.

  • As a slightly less practical and more ideological point, I liked the web before it became this jumbled mess of obnoxious JavaScript and excessive CSS, and I like the concept of self-contained HTML documents.

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