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Source code for

Add new patches to, change the HTML in tpl.html. The index.html file is generated and shouldn't be changed directly.

Also useful:

Useful maps:

augroup gitlog
    au FileType git
            "\ Go to commit.
            \  nnoremap <Leader>g :exe printf(":!cd ~/src/vim && git diff %s^\\!", split(getline('.'), ' ')[1])<CR>
            "\ Delete commit.
            \| nnoremap <Leader>d :call search('^commit ', 'bc') \| :exe 'd' . (search('^commit ', 'n') - line('.'))<CR>
            "\ Format commit.
            \| nnoremap <Leader>f :call <SID>format_commit()<CR>
augroup end

fun! s:format_commit()
    call search('^commit ', 'bc')
    silent normal! ms4j^w"vdt:

    call search('Solution: ')
    silent normal! f:llm<
    call search('^$')
    silent normal! k$m>gv"dd
    let @d = substitute(@d, '[\r\n ]\+', ' ', 'g')
    let l:end = line('.')
    normal! 'sd
    silent exe 'd' . (l:end - line('.') - 1)

    call setline('.', printf("[\"%s\", ['%s'],", trim(@d), trim(@v)))
    call setline(line('.') + 1, "    ''' '''],")

    call search('^commit ', '')
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