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Display runtime profiling data for Go programs over HTTP


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zprof displays runtime profiling data over HTTP.

This is based on net/http/pprof; but has been rewritten quite a bit and is much nicer. You can display the callgraphs directly without downloading the file first, and a bunch of other changes. It doesn't give you the full power of the CLI, but overall it's fairly useful.

Import as; you need Go 1.16.

Current status: fairly functional, still some things left to do. API may break.


Unlike net/http/pprof endpoints are not registered automatically; use zprof.NewHandler() to create a new handler to mount with your router, for example using net/http's default mux:

http.Handle("/profile*", zprof.NewHandler(zprof.Prefix("/profile")))

Or with chi:

r := chi.NewRouter()
r.Handle("/profile*", zprof.NewHandler(zprof.Prefix("/profile")))

Because you may not want to expose this to everyone you can add HTTP Basic auth with Auth():

http.Handle("/profile*", zprof.NewHandler(zprof.Prefix("/profile"),
    zprof.Auth("user", "passwd")))

Or handle auth in your regular app middleware.

You can use the zprof.Profile() shortcut if your application doesn't have a HTTP server:


This will set up a HTTP server on localhost:6060; use the first parameter to configure the address.

Like with net/http/pprof, you can still use the commandline tool if you prefer:

$ go tool pprof http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/heap

$ wget -O trace.out http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/trace?seconds=5
$ go tool trace trace.out


Display runtime profiling data for Go programs over HTTP







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