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FastCGI support for Mojolicious
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The release version 1.98 of Mojolicious has dropped FastCGI support because the
code and test quality of the FastCGI code was not conforming to the standards of
the rest of Mojolicious codebase.

This code will now be maintained as a separate distribution, using the same
namespace as before, so installing it alongside Mojolicious should give You the
same functionality as before.


Other Mojolicious users and I believe that FastCGI support is still relevant
today so the goal is to have this distribution synced with core Mojolicious and
have the code and the tests improved so that eventually it will be merged back
in core Mojolicious.


The original author of this code is Sebastian Riedel <> and the
full list of contributors is available in the Mojolicious distribution. Please
don't bother the authors of Mojolicious with bug reports or feature requests;
this should be directed to the maintainer of this code.


The maintainer of this distribution is Árpád Szász <>.
You can file bug reports or feature requests on Github:


The code for this distribution is maintained on Github and any code
contribution is welcome:

Code has been contributed by the following:

pboyd (Paul Boyd)
sri (Sebastian Riedel)
oetiker (Tobias Oetiker)
stigtsp (Stig Palmquist)


- Autodetection of the FastCGI environment doesn't work.
- Weak test suite.
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