Protocol Buffers for Clojure
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Protocol Buffers for Clojure

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Disclaimer: This project is a work in progress. Please use the issue tracker to report any questions, enhancements or issues you encounter.

This library aims to provide a pure Clojure implementation for reading and writing Google's binary Protocol Buffer format. Currently there exists already a library clojure-protobuf for this which is based on generated Java classes. Please use that library for now if you need Protocol Buffer support in Clojure.


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We are a small group of individuals, coming together once a month at the Hackergarten in Lucerne, Switzerland.

We choose to implement a clojure library for the Google Protocol Buffer. There is already an existing clojure library. Despite this, we are working on our own version for the following reasons:

  • So far no project member ever did something in Clojure. For us, it is an easy enough project to learn Clojure. Therefore don't expect anything from our solution.
  • The existing implementation seems no to be Clojure-like enough. Calling a tool first, for the conversion of the *.proto files, written in C, doesn't feel clojure-eseque enough. This feeling may be inadequate, but are based on the following thoughts:
    • Using Protocol Buffer in the REPL should be as easy as possible.
    • Creating a dynamic webpage which allows to play around with Protocol Buffers, whould be easy either.


We defined an interfaced which consits of several functions and how a schema looks.


Read/write a protobuf byte stream, based on an intermeidate representation of the schema:


For debugging purpose. Read/write a protobuf byte stream to a string. Use the same format as the protoc tool from Google.


Read/write *.proto files and convert them into the intermediate schema:



TODO (see examples and tests)

protoc Command Line examples

Convert text reperesentation to binary representation:

protoc.exe simple.proto --encode=Person < simple.txt

Convert text reperesentation to binary representation:

protoc.exe simple.proto --decode=Person < simple.bin


Copyright (C) 2015 Remo Arpagaus

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.