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raphenya committed Apr 2, 2018
1 parent 9be5b4d commit 6f5421eab79408cd606786daca2001e2abf7c608
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@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ def determine_path():
LOCAL_DATABASE = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "localDB")

APP_NAME="Resistance Gene Identifier"
SOFTWARE_SUMMARY = 'Use the Resistance Gene Identifier to predict resistome(s) from protein or nucleotide \
data based on homology and SNP models. Check for software and data updates. \
Receive email notification of monthly CARD updates via the CARD Mailing List \
@@ -9,16 +9,10 @@
python3: test
python3: install
entry_points =[
'console_scripts':['rgi =']
# from distutils.core import setup

from app.settings import SOFTWARE_VERSION
from setuptools import setup
#This is a list of files to install, and where
#(relative to the 'root' dir, where is)
#You could be more specific.

files = ["*.py", "*.txt", "*.md", "*.json", "_data/*", "_db/*", "diff/*" ]

@@ -28,29 +22,12 @@
author = "Jia et al. 2017. CARD 2017: expansion and model-centric curation of the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database. Nucleic Acids Research, 45, D566-573.",
author_email = "",
url = "",
#Name the folder where your packages live:
#(If you have other packages (dirs) or modules (py files) then
#put them into the package directory - they will be found
packages = ['app'],
#'package' package must contain files (see list above)
#I called the package 'package' thus cleverly confusing the whole issue...
#This dict maps the package name =to=> directories
#It says, package *needs* these files.
package_data = {'app' : files},
# Runners
#'rgi' is in the root run rgi (Resistance Gene Identifier).
#'rgi_jsontab' is in the root to convert json to tab-delimited
#'rgi_clean' is in the root to clean blast databases
#'rgi_load' is in the root to load new card.json file.
scripts = ["rgi"],
long_description = """This tool provides a preliminary annotation of your DNA sequence(s) based upon the data available in CARD. Hits to genes tagged with Antibiotic Resistance ontology terms will be highlighted. As CARD expands to include more pathogens, genomes, plasmids, and ontology terms this tool will grow increasingly powerful in providing first-pass detection of antibiotic resistance associated genes.""",
#This next part it for the Cheese Shop, look a little down the page.
#classifiers = []
license = "The license is located at",
#location where the package may be downloaded
download_url = "",
install_requires=['biopython', 'filetype', 'pandas', 'pytest', 'mock'],
platforms = "Linux, Mac OS X"

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