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PCB design for Wheel encoders
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Wheel Encoder board for selfdriving car project

Our custom encoders are used to measure wheel angular changes.

How board versions work?

each ECU pcb has a version format of v.X.Y in which

  • X represents the major change in functionality of the board
  • Y represents minor changes like fixing errors in PCB or adding simple functions like an LED

How to add a new board with major change?

  • branch from current master (this should only add some readme files and folders)
  • create your project in the folders created from previous step
  • when you are ready to push your changes,create a new branch and name it as 'v.major_number' (ex. v.3 )
  • after you are done with your design add a minor tag of 1 to your last commit (ex. add tag v.3.1)

How to add minor changes for last major board?

  • apply andd commit your changes when you were done add a minor tag for your commit (ex. add tag v.3.2)

What should every last minor commit include?

  • updated pcbproject, schematic and layout files
  • updated gerber files
  • updated nc-drill files
  • updated assembly files
  • updated BOM
  • updated pdf showing all schematic and layout files
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