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ARPi-Robotics itself is a ready-to-use micro-framework based on Python, C++, JavaScript and HTML5.
It provides several robot models based on the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


  • Communication over Wifi
  • A user friendly and beautiful web-interface - no app is needed!
  • Video streaming in real time (up to 1080p@30fps - yes, its full hd!)
  • Based on arch linux - no limits

Supported robot models

How to install

Step 1: Checkout the project locally

git clone

Step 2: Get your Arduino ready

The setup of the arduino is model specific, so take a look under the docs folder.

Then open the arduino/<model type>/<model type>.ino in your Arduino IDE and upload it to your Arduino.

The Arduino is now ready.

Step 3: Checkout the project remotely on your raspberry pi

ssh to your raspi and then:

sudo aptitude install python-virtualenv python-dev
git clone
cd arpi-robotics/
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

Open this in browser:



TODOs / Planned Features

  • lag free video streaming to the browser (for now we are using netcat, tried vlc, ffmpeg, gstreamer and mjpeg-stream - all with lags >2s)
  • run with the fast python interpreter "pypy" (gevent is here the problem)
  • implement json rpc over websockets to be able to call functions remotely in javascript (
  • handle wifi connections directly in python
  • create a basis to work with opencv