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The PiRover itself is a robot based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Required Hardware

  • Raspberry Pi with the Camera Module
  • USB Power Bank: Choose carefully! It should provide a 5V 2A or at least 1.5A usb out to power up the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi needs a lot of current for the camera module, wifi, and arduino is also powered by the Raspberry Pi that's why choose a powerbank with at least 5000mAh! Ideally it has some status led so we can read the battery life with a photo resistor.
  • Photo resistor + 10k Resistor: To read the battery life of your powerbank
  • micro usb cable 0.6ft: To connect the powerbank with Rapsberry Pi
  • usb A-to-B cable 0.6ft: To connect the Raspberry Pi with the Arduino
  • Arduino Uno or Mega
  • Motor Shield (for example: Adafruit:
  • LiPo Battery (for example: Hacker LiPo Akku 11.1 V / 1800 mAh (30 C))
  • Chassis with DC Motors and wheels: just google "robot chassis 4wd"
  • Servo Motor: for a 180° view
  • UltraSonic Range Finder: to measure distance
  • one LED: to use it as a status led
  • some wire

Get your Arduino ready

After you checked out the project locally install these two dependencies:

mkdir ~/sketchbook/libraries && cd ~/sketchbook/libraries
git clone && mv Adafruit-Motor-Shield-library/ AF_Motor_Shield
wget && unzip

(if wget and unzip isn't installed you can manually download and unzip the archive to ~/sketchbook/libraries)