A beautiful command line tool to manage your todos and bucket lists 🍻
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Bucket List

A command line tool to manage your bucket list and todo items 🍻

Wouldn't it be great if you can manage your bucket lists from your favourite terminal in a gorgeous way?

bucket-list is a command line utility using which you can manage your bucket lists though your favourite terminal. All of your bucket list items are stored with your favourite Provider. You also have an option to take backup of your data, restore it and change the provider at any point of time.


Installing bucket-list is as easy as

pip3 install bucket-list

It is highly recommended to install bucket-list inside a python-virtualenv having Python 3. If you have installed it inside a virtual environment then you will require to set alias, that points alias bucket-list to the bucket-list executable present in bin directory of your virtual environment.

Your alias will look something like this

alias bucket-list="/home/arpit/workspace/bucketlist-env/bin/bucket-list"

Add your first item in Bucket List

One you have installed bucket-list, the first command you should run is

bucket-list init

This command prompts you to choose a provider. The supported provider is

You will require some tokens and secrets before you proceed. Click on any of the provider above to understand what all things are required.

Once your initialization finishes with a success message; you are ready to add first item in your bucket list.

bucket-list add -c animated-movies -m "The Secret Life of Pets"

Above command adds the item "The Secret Life of Pets" under category "animated-movies" in your bucket list.

For viewing your bucket, run following command

bucket-list view -c animated-movies

Above command lists all the items that are pending under category "animated-movies".

Lets say you are done watching the movie and you want to mark it as complete; Run the following command to do this

bucket-list mark -c animated-movies

You should now see an interactive list through which you can select the item that you want to mark as "completed". Once you select an item, it will be marked as "completed" and you should see a success message.


A compehensive documentation can be found here. Lot of efforts have been put into this, hope you find it useful 😄


In case you loved this utility and have a great feature idea, then feel free to contribute . The complete utility is written in Python 3. So for contributing all you need to have is working knowledge of Python.

You can find source code here.

Here are some ideas that you may love to work on.


Please report any glitch, bug, error or an unhandled exception 😦 Feel free to create one.