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CodeIniter - Sublime Text 3

This extension allows you to initialise files of various formats with snippets of code.
Currently tested for Sublime Text 3 on Windows 10, Ubuntu 14.04-LTS.


Since I do not use an IDE while doing competitive programming, I would constantly write obvious code like int main() and public static void main(String[] args). This is an attempt to reduce that effort by doing the same task with a single command.

Steps to Use/Install

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Go to The Sublime Text Packages Directory (/Packages) and paste this folder over there.
    Basically it should be like this /Packages/CodeIniter/
  3. The config file is stored in the Sublime Text 3's cache directory.
    Open the console in Sublime Text and type
    import sublime
  4. The config.json file can be found in *cache_path*/CodeIniter/config.json
  5. Here you can add your own snippets for various file formats. The format is the key and the snippet is the value.
  6. After doing this, open a file in Sublime of one of the formats.
  7. Open the command palette (Ctrl + Shift + P) and type initialise, select the option File: Initialise. Alternatively, use the console to write view.run_command('initialise').
  8. Voila! Your file has been initialised with your custom snippet.

Plugin is still in testing and this page will soon be updated with any changes for OS X.
After proper testing I plan to upload this plugin at Package Control for public use.