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Computer Graphics Project



The goal of this game is to fly as far as possible, with only two controls at your disposal, this is one of those “easy to learn, difficult to master” situations. You’ll first select a plane and a scene. Click once to start make your little guy take off from an airport, and it’s on!!

As you fly, right click to begin ascending; the plane descends automatically. So it’s critical to master this bouncy method of flying.
Missiles of varying sizes are shot at you. So, you’ll spend most of your time avoiding these. Keep a close eye at the fuel gauge! You’ll steadily be running out of fuel as you try to gain height. Hit a missile, run out of fuel, or fly into the bottom edge of the screen, and you’ll crash and burn!

As far as the game interface is concerned, you’ll be greeted with a loading screen followed by a splash screen with the name of the developers (that’s Arpith and Anil!). You’ll then see a menu with screen with the following items:
• Play
• Settings
• Instructions
• Credits
• High Scores
• Exit

The user can either start the game directly, if he knows how the game works or has played it before, by clicking in the box with “Play” option. Otherwise, he can view the instruction as to the game works by clicking on the “Instruction” button. If the player has changed his mind to play the game sometime later, he can click on “Exit” button which terminates the game.

When the player hits on the Instruction button, another page which describes how the game works appears. Similarly, credits page will show you the name of the developers. Setting page will allow you to choose the plane and environment scene of your wish. Pressing escape at any point of time will bring you to the main page.

This easy to play game can be further developed to include new features. You may unlock new planes as you progress through the game. Each plane may have its own ability from getting invisible or using time warp to a powerful explosive power. Players may left click on the screen to initiate a power-up.


Implemented using C++ and OpenGL.
SOIL libraries have been used to load images.


Computer graphics mini project. [Game] [CG-Lab-10CSL67]






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