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knotty - a comprehensive SV discovery suite

knot·ty adj. knot·ti·er, knot·ti·est

  1. Tied or snarled in knots.
  2. Covered with knots or knobs; gnarled.
  3. Difficult to understand or solve.
  4. A comprehensive SV discovery suite

knotty is very much a work in progress. Not for public consumption...yet. Stay tuned.


knotty benefits from the following open-source libraries:

  1. bamtools ( An elegant C++ API for reading, writing, and manipulating sequence alignments in the BAM format. Author: Derek Barnett.
  2. bwa ( knotty uses the stdaln library developed by Heng Li as part of the BWA package. This library is used to generate a consensus sequence from overlapping read pairs.
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