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A plugin that brings permanent events capabilities to Backbone.js
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Backbone-resolve adds permanent events to Backbone.js. Permanent events are a special kind, after they have been triggered any listener added to them get inmediately executed.

Backbone-resolve extend the Backbone.Events object with a method resolve that defines a permanent event. Any listener added to a resolved event is getting automatically called, like if the event was triggered in that same instant. An example

// First, extend our object with events
// thanks to underscore
var myobject = _.extend({}, Backbone.Events);

// It is possible to add listener before the event is resolved
myobject.on('ready', function(){
    console.log('I was bound before the event was resolved.')

// trigger the permanent event 'ready'
// Console will show 'I was bound before the event was resolved.'

// listening to the event now, 
// will execute the callback inmediatelly
myobject.on('ready', function(){
    console.log('I was bound after the event was resolved.');
// Console will show 'I was bound after the event was resolved.'

Extending the Backbone's Event module, backbone-resolve can be used out-of-the-box with BB Models and Views.

var mymodel = new Backbone.Model();

// Let's resolve the fetched method when we
// retrieve model's data
mymodel.fetch({success: function(){

// Any listener added in the future will
// be called if the model has been fetched
mymodel.on('fetched', function(){


Licensed under MIT. See license

How to use it

The method resolve was developed to be used like Backbone's trigger method. It accepts parameters that will be arguments for the listeners bound.

var myobject = _.extend({}, Backbone.Events);

myobject.resolve('argument:test', 'Hello', 'bye');

myobject.on('argument:test', function(arg1, arg2){
    console.log(arg1 + ' and ' + arg2 + ' world.');
// Console will show 'Hello and bye world.'

You can use usual Backbone on, once, listenTo and listenToOnce methods to bind listeners to permantent events.

If there is a point that the event data is not valid anymore, the permanent events can be discarded using the method discard. After using it, following added listener will not be executed inmediately.


myobject.on('argument:test', function(arg1, arg2){
    console.log(arg1 + ' is the opposite of ' + arg2);
// Nothing will be printed, you need to trigger or resolve 'argument:test'
// again because the permanent event was discarded.


v0.2.1 First version published.

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