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An awesome react component that allows to display more than one app route at the same time dividing your browser in tiles.

Want to see it working? Have a look at the demo.

react-tiles is thought to be simple to use, so just adding the component to the root component of your app you will turn it into a multi-route application.

Want to add it to your project? Get started.

Under development

Right now the library is pretty usable but it is still in a beta stage. The API can vary a lot, mainly because there is plenty room for improvements and customization.

Any help that I can have in this project is welcome. I have created a playground to let every developer interested in collaborate to have an environment to play with the code easily:

react-tiles playground.

Right now there is a bunch of features missing that I would like to see in react-tiles. Here I leave a list of some that comes to my mind, if you are interested in tackle some of them, please create issues to discuss about them there:

  • Create tests <-- This is the most important one.
  • Define minimum heigth/with of the tiles using props.
  • Create a way of defining tile's position and dimensions.
  • Create a way of make tiles uncloseable.
  • Tile minification.
  • Solve tilecontrols bar being at the top of the tile covering the top of the content.
  • Create a way of customize the tilecontrols.
  • Clone the tile contents when (un)docking a tile, to preserve its internal state.
  • Create display breakpoints to adapt the tiles for mobile resolutions.


Tiles in react, a window manager component to manage multiple routes at a time.



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