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  • fixed peer list presentation on zmq
  • reduced refresh frequency 10s for peers
  • theme improvements
  • unicorn: true( removed Private Share Hashrate option) for now all blocks are visible as mined solo
  • updated vardiff settings
  • security policy additions
  • added Stats window on pool tab
  • added timeout option ( you can adjust in preferences time when wallet logout)
Choose a tag to compare
Choose a tag to compare
  • solo pool (not translated - english only)
  • inactivity timeout (not configurable yet)
  • password strength meter
  • market price
  • auto update
  • prove and check transaction
  • minimize to tray
  • osX notarize
  • privately share hashrate ( mark blocks mined solo, it not affect privacy but network detect block mined solo)
  • for anonymous stats
  • wallets need to be imported again from seed or from files you stored (eventually moved from Documents to c:\ProgramData\arqma\wallets)

Credits to @mosu-forge @muscleman @Mikunj and all core developers