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ArQmACommunity Pages

This github pages site belongs to the ArQmA Community. It hosts or links to various information about the ArQmA digital currency.

Vision for This Site

The intent is to have a site that is easy to navigate, which collects information in one place for the ArQmA Community.

Site Repository Structure

In the main project directory:

  • is the home page content.
  • config.yml sets the jekyll theme configuration.
  • is this content which you are reading.
  • assets/ holds images and css style modifications for the arqma-coin-info web pages.
  • _includes/ holds the markdown for each main section of content on the front page; one .md file per section.
  • How-Tos/ is a folder that holds any How-Tos which are hosted in this github project.
  • information/ is a folder to upload other information (nothing links to this yet).

Contributing Here

Contributions are encouraged!

  • Suggestions/Additions: Feel free to open an issue to report any errors, or to make suggestions, or to propose adding new content.
  • Link to a How-To: If you want an ArQmA how-to linked from here, open an issue and someone will review and add it.
  • Hosting a How-To: If you want to write a How-To and host it here, use the content in the How-Tos folder as examples. Create a branch and add a new How-To sub-folder. When the how-to is ready, add a link to it from the appropriate .md file in the _includes folder, and do a Pull Request.

If there is not a timely response here on github, surf over to the ArQmA Discord community, and comment in the publications channel.

-- ArQmA Community Contributors

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