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@malbit malbit released this Mar 14, 2019

Include arqma-wallet-rpc SSL fix

SHA256: : 778e2a679e1aa4ad987b1afcfdfc9cca853935f6a3d94fa2831fff91895646f1
arqma-arm7-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz : b2ad5a81817bca4a48bfef4f50acff83d90c5cc16dd94d33ee238bc7fcfd0a3a
arqma-arm8-linux.tar.gz : 13884fea9b2ff593cd3be61e139fed2f9c99732fcc592c3b269353a784f33dae
arqma-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz : e9fb1c3a71cebb581382f37faff32b287b99f40601a147bce6d3ca6f58100c6a
arqma-macOS-cli.tar.gz : fc606611aec97fb42e5f41ae4de74544c4dcf4928def5746a3d3e6e98ea79bfc

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@malbit malbit released this Mar 13, 2019

Version 0.3.2 will add

SSL Support for both P2P and RPC protocols
SSL-TLS v1.2 minimum supporting with strong CIPHERS hardcoded to sources
Capability to automatically generate SSL-Certificate
Bug fix related to alt-chains during sync
Fix for sync from block 0

arqma-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz : 1fba0e2ecbf47ea5f20f1b6494c833c976c65154403347728dae2076cee0edbd
arqma-arm7-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz : e4ae2a38ce43faba5d5a92d9d6cd63340089c3ecb5dda17638f9c5bf9daca772
arqma-arm8-linux.tar.gz : 8458a1a7f81c287d8c659de7685a06c951d2d1928ce029516821e205914dcd3d : dd3e06dcb7bf13fbf5b6165f6fc1c6d4f4dceaae3321998bd79492e17f118d4c
arqma-macOS-cli.tar.gz : 45f93d3be6d0f231ae7d98f6ca9f701672bd91873f6b6bb9d6282d1c7cfa5d7d

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@malbit malbit released this Mar 7, 2019

Hardfork v11 on block 131650
Human time (GMT): Tuesday, 12 March 2019 around 22
It's major update, anyone need to update to new release
Includes Blockchain Synchronizing fixes

SHA256: : 8a24b34526875e50c16016ef2542e7b0eca87dfad44bdadd3236a1ec0e81d6cf
arqma-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz : 8e74ad0c11c22046421cd7e5e3ba3a2ce366dfcd9e5e92d80eb44f3bdf4bd873
arqma-arm7-linux.tar.gz : 6a37e3a288c7ba55ae475c166872427a71f2c11c9328e12248d7604396fad02b
arqma-arm8-linux.tar.gz : 51506dbc29499f7ddacefdccf44d6663292299467af5fb6f06caf0e35854b071
arqma-macOS-cli.tar.gz : e177e57c7b5171e34c0a1b6754f0fa3bf8bcb5337e20938fd8aa89b2ef900030

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@malbit malbit released this Mar 6, 2019

Hardfork v11 on block 131650
Human time (GMT): Tuesday, 12 March 2019 around 22
It's major update, anyone need to update to new release

  • fix mishandling rct outputs in coin base tx
  • enable pruning
  • network throttle tweak
  • Better error when sending a tx with a too large extra field
  • search for syncing peers in cruise mode
  • Allow submitting tx as hex blob over ZMQ
  • wallet-rpc: get balance/transfers for all accounts and subaddresses
  • new seed-nodes and many depends fixes

SHA256: : 7faf850c28543f3a3e4c51ec769430a476fd81715e0f568c54c4445f7c9f4c2a
arqma-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz: 2a8c3e8f195ab480044835e2bfeeb9ec47b8d6e0b7902bafffea41dd85ca1e53
arqma-arm7-linux.tar.gz : 9083cc4b90e0c7e1871a524aeadf11bef36b9bc1f363c7f2a838c2ca48a7d923
arqma-arm8-linux.tar.gz : db5b029eb6fe80eef172ae7f869bd28601f8c914df11cd1f8e31e4bd41323e01

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@malbit malbit released this Dec 18, 2018

  1. New GUI Wallet
  2. macOS compilation fix
  3. parse_uri reworked
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@malbit malbit released this Dec 4, 2018


  1. arqma-wallet-rpc windows build fix,
  2. Difficulty_target fix.
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@malbit malbit released this Dec 1, 2018

Newest Hard-Fork v10 Arqma Arq-Net daemon

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@malbit malbit released this Sep 25, 2018

Arqma "Devils Touch" v0.1.3.0 + epee FIX

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@malbit malbit released this Sep 25, 2018 · 3 commits to release-v0.1.3.0 since this release

Newest Arqma daemon including Burning_Outputs fix applied

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@ArqTras ArqTras released this Jul 26, 2018 · 892 commits to master since this release

All recent commits updated.

Ubuntu/Debian binaries are available via the apt repository at:

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