Repository and development of artwork for the Arquillian project. Includes logos, icons, banners and presentation graphics.
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This repository houses the final versions of the Arquillian platform's artwork. It is also the sandbox for proposed artwork research and development, sketches, and incremental drafts. The artwork here includes logos, icons, banners, presentation collateral, print collateral, templates, figures, diagrams, etc.


  1. Submit an issue. To initiate the development of a new graphic (or update/modify an existing graphic) submit an issue that includes pertinent background information regarding what the graphic will represent (such as a module's description, definitions, links to other images the graphic is supposed to complement, etc). Also feel free to describe any additional ideas you may have regarding the proposed graphic as well as links or references to other images that possess characteristics (color, perspective, line style, etc) you like.

  2. Review the initial concepts. A request for a new graphic will be answered with a set of initial concepts. These initial concepts will usually be rough pencil sketches. Look through the options, then provide feedback in the comments beneath the original issue. Feedback can include (but is not limited to):

    • None of these options appeal to me or represent the idea I had.
      • If this is the case, a new set of options will be developed and commited.
    • Option B is sort of what I had in mind, but I'd like to see thicker lines, or maybe the character would look better facing left, could you do it in realistic 3D rendering, and yellow makes me vomit...
      • Depending on the number of changes requested and the complexity of those changes (a detailed character rendered in a different position versus a few color changes) the next commit will be either another set of pencil sketches or a draft digital rendering.
    • Option Y is great, that's the one I want.
      • The next commit will be a draft digital rendering of that option and another round of feedback will commence in order to polish the digital draft.

    An issue may require multiple feedback cycles.

  3. Approve the final draft. Once a digitial rendering of the requested artwork is reviewed and approved by the issue owner the pull request will be completed and the issue closed.

This workflow is a work in progress. Please feel free to make suggestions.

Feedback Tips

The conceptualization and refinement of graphics isn't magic (at least for me). I'd love to hear any and all of the ideas you might have about the graphic you are proposing. So don't hold back, no matter how weird you think the concept is.

Once I have posted the intial drafts for you to evaluate (and all subsequent drafts) please do not hesitate to critique the drafts and tell me what you don't like or what you think is missing. I will not be offended. They're pencil sketches for a reason, they can be erased, they can be thrown out. Just because you may not have taken an art class since elementary school doesn't mean you are not qualified to critique any and all aspects of the drafts I provide.

When you would like to see changes to a graphic, be as specific as you can be but if you can only say that the drawing 'just doesn't feel right' is also okay. However, the more feedback you can give me and the more specific the feedback, the faster we can narrow in on the great design you wanted.