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 Arquillian enables you to test your business logic in a remote or embedded container. Alternatively, it can deploy an archive to the container so the test can interact as a remote client.
 All about arquillian:
 Example contains EJB3.1 integration test and runs against JBoss AS 6 Embedded container. The projects target is to provide simplest possible setup for this test combination.

 Getting started
 1) Download sources.
 2) Configure JBoss Maven repositories in settings.xml (
 3) Run: mvn test.
 Tests will be executed within container. Container will be started by Arquillian, automatically.
 System requirements
 All you need to run this project is Java 5.0 (Java SDK 1.5) or greater and
 Maven 2.0.10 or greater. This application is setup to be run on a Java EE 6
 certified application server.
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