Selenium Dependency Management

Selenium BOM (Bill of Materials)

This project intends to improve Selenium dependency management by specifying POM managing dependency versions for all Selenium artifacts.

WARNING: HtmlUnitDriver was removed from the Selenium main distribution package in the version 2.53.0. For this reason, the HtmlUnitDriver dependency is neither included in the Selenium BOM since the version 2.53.0.
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Add following snippet to your project's POM:



Place the selenium-bom import declaration above any other import which manages Selenium dependencies in order to get dependencies managed correctly.

For more information about dependency management, see Introduction to Dependency Management.


In order to install new version of Selenium BOM locally, change ${version.selenium} version to the one you would like to install and run:

mvn install


When you install updated Selenium BOM, you should verify all the versions specified in BOM are available in Maven Central Repository. You can do that by executing following command:

mvn dependency:tree -f pom-tests.xml


In order to install new version to configured repository (distrubutionManagement section), change ${version.selenium} and then run:

mvn deploy