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                             Test in the container!

 What is it?

 Arquillian is testing framework, developed at, that empowers
 developers to write integration tests for business objects that are executed
 inside of an embedded or remote container--options include a servlet
 container, a Java EE application server or a Java SE CDI environment.

 Contents of distribution


    API docs and reference guide. Open doc/en-US/html/index.html in your
    browser for instructions on how to get started using Arquillian.

    The Arquillian JUnit examples. The examples are described in more detail in the 
    reference guide 


    The Arquillian TestNG examples. The examples are described in more detail in the 
    reference guide 
 finish me...

 This distribution, as a whole, is licensed under the terms of the Apache
 License, Version 2.0 (see apl.txt).

 Arquillian URLs

 User Forums & Wiki:
 Development Forums & Wiki:
 Source Code:     
 Issue Tracker:   

 TODO Add link to project page, API docs and reference guide when ready

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