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Continuous Enterprise Development in Java

O’Reilly Media

Andrew Lee Rubinger


Aslak Knutsen


The authoritative Git repository containing the book and example application source for "Continuous Enterprise Development in Java" by Andrew Lee Rubinger and Aslak Knutsen, published by O’Reilly Media, is hosted by our friends at GitHub at The accompanying book site for this text is located at, and the official Twitter channel is @ContinuousDev. The authors may be reached at

All contents of this repository licensed under 'Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic', and we invite the community at large to contribute work including feature requests, typographical error corrections, and enhancements via our GitHub Issue Tracker.

The official distribution for the book will be available in print and electronic formats via O’Reilly or various 3rd-party retailers in September 2013. The Early Access Release has been open for purchase since the Fall of 2012.

The print release of the book and its example is set to be given the Git tag of 1.0.0 in this repository, and development will continue thereafter in the master branch to correct errata and add supplmentary material including new chapters and use cases. The community is welcome to suggest or request topics for additional coverage.

The example application accompanying the use cases raised in the text is called GeekSeek, and is publicly-available at The source is located in this repository under code/application, and instructions for building, testing, and running locally are detailed in Chapter 4. The build jobs for the application are kindly powered by CloudBees at and

We welcome your contributions and hope you find the material covered here to be of interest and benefit to your work and career in testable enterprise development.

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