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robustify.js is a javascript add-on for web pages to fight link rot or content drift. It is an implementation of Herbert Van de Sompel's Memento Robust Links - Link Decoration specification (based in the Hiberlink project). With robustify.js active on a page, any clicked hyperlink will test if the linked page is available online. If the page is not online, robustify.js will redirect the user to a version in a web archive, by default using the Memento Time Travel service.

Documentation detail about the robustify.js can be found at http://digitopia.nl/robustify/example.html.

This repository provide a customized robustify.js implementation to use Arquivo.pt Infrastructure to retrieve the URL archived versions.

How to use

To robustify an web page the following code snippet has to be inserted at the bottom of the body element of the web page:

    <!-- Code to redirect broken links to web-archived versions-->
    <script src="http://robustify.arquivo.pt/robustifyArquivoPT.js"></script>
    <!-- End -->