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@mlloreda mlloreda released this Sep 19, 2017 · 36 commits to v3.5 since this release


The source code with submodules can be downloaded directly from the following

Installer CUDA Version: 8.0 (Required)
Installer OpenCL Version: 1.2 (Minimum)


  • Relaxed af::unwrap() function's arguments. 1
  • Changed behavior of af::array::allocated() to specify memory allocated. 1
  • Removed restriction on the number of bins for af::histogram() on CUDA and
    OpenCL kernels. 1


  • Improved JIT performance. 1
  • Improved CPU element-wise operation performance. 1
  • Improved regions performance using texture objects. 1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed overflow issues in mean. 1
  • Fixed memory leak when chaining indexing operations. 1
  • Fixed bug in array assignment when using an empty array to index. 1
  • Fixed bug with af::matmul() which occured when its RHS argument was an
    indexed vector. 1
  • Fixed bug deadlock bug when sparse array was used with a JIT Array. 1
  • Fixed pixel tests for FAST kernels. 1
  • Fixed af::replace so that it is now copy-on-write. 1
  • Fixed launch configuration issues in CUDA JIT. 1
  • Fixed segfaults and "Pure Virtual Call" error warnings when exiting on
    Windows. 1 2
  • Workaround for clEnqueueReadBuffer bug on OSX.


  • Fixed issues when compiling with GCC 7.1. 1 2
  • Eliminated unnecessary Boost dependency from CPU and CUDA backends. 1


  • Updated support links to point to Slack instead of Gitter. 1
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