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Successor to libeasykey, with (eventual/planned) support for multiple data formats.
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A library with (planned) support for multiple configuration file formats

Current support

Currenty, libeasydata supports the following formats:

  • INI


Using libeasydata is simple and straightforward. Simply check the examples folder for an example program using the format of your choice.


As this project is currently small and is only being worked on by myself, contributions really do help a lot.

General guidelines

Before you commit your changes, always make sure to run the script ./ This will ensure your code meets the style guide for this project. Always make sure your commit message is 50 characters or less in the first line, and try to be clear with the main point of your changes. Please refrain from using punctuation (periods, question marks, etc) in your commits. Be sure to add comments in your code to help myself and others understand something specific. If you are adding support for a new format, make sure the interface method with it matches the rest of the library. Thank you for your interest in libeasydata!

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