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A simplistic library for reading/writing data.
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* Changes for cmake out-of-source building

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* Fix support for non-c99 building

* Remove types.h
* Moves ek_key into main header

* Output header and binary in build directory
* Also have cmake configure version in header file

* Small fixes
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A simple library for reading and writing data.


libeasykey is designed to be a simple yet fully-featured library for reading and writing data to and from ini files.

I originally just made this as a fun project, but feel free to actually use this in something :)


To build and install libeasykey under macOS or linux or really any *nix system from source, first, make a build directory and move to it (mkdir build && cd build). Then, run cmake .., and finally, run sudo make install.


All official documentation is in the wiki.


libeasykey is released under the MIT License. See the file LICENSE for more information.

Copyright (c) 2019 Jonathan Archer

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