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-= Port of google-diff-match-patch to C
+Port of google-diff-match-patch to C
This is a C language port of Neil Fraser's google-diff-match-patch code.
His original code is available at:
@@ -17,7 +18,8 @@ This code is available at:
It is Copyright (c) 2012 Russell Belfer <> and licensed
under the MIT License. See the included LICENSE file.
-== Example Usage
+Example Usage
All functions and structures used in this library are prefixed with
`dmp_`. To generate a diff, you use a function to create a `dmp_diff`
@@ -54,7 +56,8 @@ This shows the basic pattern of diff API usage:
2. Process the diff in some way
3. Free the diff
-== Diff API
+Diff API
All public functions in the library that could fail return an `int`
and will return 0 for success or -1 for failure. Functions which
@@ -146,14 +149,16 @@ extern int dmp_diff_foreach(
void *cb_ref);
-== Status
At this point, the basic diff code works, although I haven't implemented all
of the optimizations yet. I haven't written any of the diff formatting
helpers from the original library yet, nor have I started on the match or
patch related code yet.
-== Copyright and License
+Copyright and License
The original Google Diff, Match and Patch Library is licensed under
the [Apache License 2.0](

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