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@@ -96,14 +96,14 @@ <h2 id="install">Building the library</h2>
<div id="build_unix">
<div class="description">Start by configuring the build system by running:</div>
- <pre class="sunburst">$ ./waf configure</pre>
- <div class="description">Then build the library, either in its shared or static form</div>
- <pre class="sunburst">$ ./waf build-static
-$ ./waf build-shared</pre>
+ <pre class="sunburst">$ mdkir build && cd build
+$ cmake .. </pre>
+ <div class="description">Then build the library</div>
+ <pre class="sunburst">$ make</pre>
<div class="description">You can then test the library with:</div>
- <pre class="sunburst">$ ./waf test</pre>
+ <pre class="sunburst">$ make test test</pre>
<div class="description">And finally you can install it with (you may need to sudo):</div>
- <pre class="sunburst">$ ./waf install</pre>
+ <pre class="sunburst">$ make install</pre>
<div class="description">
Once that is done, you should be able to link the library to your program
with a normal <code>-lgit2</code>.</div>

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