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libgit2 v0.15.0 "Das Wunderbar Release"

I am aware the codename is not gramatically correct in any language.

Check the COPYING file for the detailed terms on libgit2's license. Check
the AUTHORS file for the full list of guilty parties.

As we slowly stabilize the API, we've dropped 1 function from the library,
and changed the signature of only 5 of them. There's of course a good
chunk of new functionality, and a thousand bug fixes.

In this release of libgit2:

	- Changed `git_blob_rawsize`: Now returns `size_t` instead of int, allowing
	files >4GB in 64 bit systems.

	- Removed `git_commit_message_short`: Please use `git_commit_message`
	to get the full message and decide which is the "short view" according
	to your needs (first line, first 80 chars...)

	- Added `git_commit_message_encoding`: Returns the encoding field of a commit
	message, if it exists.

	- Changed `git_commit_create`, `git_commit_create_v`: New argument `encoding`, which
	adds a encoding field to the generated commit object.

	- Added `git_config_find_system`: Returns the path to the system's global config
	file (according to the Core Git standards).

	- Changed `git_config_get_XX`, `git_config_set_XX`: the `long` and `int` types have
	been replaced by `int64` and `int32` respectively, to make their meaning more

	- Added `git_indexer`: An interface to index Git Packfiles has been added in the
	`git2/indexer.h` header.

	- Changed `git_reflog_entry_XX`: Reflog entries are now returned as `git_oid *` objects
	instead of hexadecimal OIDs.

	- Added `git_remote`: More fetch functionality has been added to the `git2/remote.h`
	functionality. Local, Smart HTTP and Git protocols are now supported.

	- Added `git_repository_head`: Returns the HEAD of the repository.

	- Added `git_repository_config_autoload`: Opens the configuration file of a repository,
	including the user's and the system's global config files, if they can be found.

	- Changed `git_signature_now`: Now returns an error code; the signature is stored by
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commit 3eaf34f4c602b9e155e2f4c6ae26c9250ac37d50 1 parent d3fb6a8
@vmg vmg authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 include/git2.h
4 include/git2.h
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@
#ifndef INCLUDE_git_git_h__
#define INCLUDE_git_git_h__
-#define LIBGIT2_VERSION "0.14.0"
+#define LIBGIT2_VERSION "0.15.0"
-#define LIBGIT2_VER_MINOR 14
+#define LIBGIT2_VER_MINOR 15
#include "git2/common.h"
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