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@@ -11,6 +11,32 @@ ruin it. If you cannot provide any of the following, make it clear to guests
before registration. Attendees are generally forgiving when clear communication
is given.
+## Announcing the event
+Once you know when and how your event will take place, you'll want to tell the
+world about it. At a bare minimum, you should decide on a canonical place where
+all public information about the event lives - this might be a dedicated web
+site, an event on an existing event online service or some other place which is
+publicly accessible.
+### Registration _Optional_
+If you require your attendees to register, make it clear what information is
+required for signing up and what the deadline for the registration is. If there's
+a maximum number of attendees the venue can handle, communicate how the selection
+process works and when/how people will be notified if they've been granted
+attendance or not.
+If there's a waiting list for the event, make sure to explain how it works.
+#### What to ask for
+There are a number of things you could ask for, but a bare minimum would be:
+* Name
+* Contact details
+* Food preferences / allergies (if food is served)
## Venue
### Location
@@ -464,6 +490,7 @@ you've got enough staff to cope with emergencies or unexpected dropouts!
* [Tom Morris](
* [Tom Scott](
* [James Darling]( Co-founder Music Hack Day and Rewired State
+* [Mattias Arrelid](

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