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Uses the TVDB API to name TV files.
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episode namer

An alternative to TVNamer, built using the tvdb_api.

  • Designed exclusively for Python 3


  • Download the latest version from the Releases tab at the top.
  • Place the files into a folder, and open up a command prompt (Shift Right-Click > Open command window here)
  • Type in python install
  • Type epnamer in the folder you wish to rename files in.
  • Follow the instructions.


  • Names files in the format
    • Showname - [SIDxEPID] - Episode Name
    • with the Episode Name being pulled from tvdb.
  • Allows for subtitles to be renamed

##Command arguments:

  • '-d': debug, allows for additional output for debugging purposes.
  • '-a': aggressive mode, requires no verification for renaming files

###Licensing terms in

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