Server side readability with node.js
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Readability.js by Arc90 ported to node.js.

Blog post: Server side readability with node.js


Live demo

I'm working on it...


var readability = require('readability');
// This is an very early example. The API is subject to change.
readability.parse(html, url, function(result) {
    console.log(result.title, result.content);


In my testing of 140 pages with an average size of 58KB collected from digg, delicious and hacker news, the average time taken for each page is about 1.1 seconds on a Mac Mini (2.4G Intel Core 2 Duo).


  • no fetching next pages
  • no support for frames


  • Performance optimization
  • Better API, more options
  • Support more readability features