This is a GTK2 app for exploring one-dimensional binary wolfram-rule automata.
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Dependencies - Ubuntu 9.04 package names
- build-essential
- libgnomeui-dev

In order to compile and execute the program, execute If does not execute, try 'chmod +x' before './'

This program implements a one dimensional, binary, cellular automaton based on
Wolfram Notation. A single row of active cells is used to generate one row of 
pixels at a time, which "grow" out of the active cell like a fingernail, one 
row at a time. There are controls which allow the operator to change the rule 
as the program is running. This is where one may observe abrupt changes in 
style or color. Often horizontal lines will be implied by the differing styles.


When the program loads, the default rule will be loaded and the default seed 
set to all cells off, save for one in the middle. In order to watch rule 30
proceed, press the "start" button to the left of the main image. The user may
change the rule as the cellular automaton is operating or may pause by pressing
the "stop" button and then changing the rule.

Images may be saved by pressing the "save" button. If the auto-save toggle is 
turned on, images will be saved automatically every time an entire screen-
full of lines has been produced.

Meta-Rules are defined by .rules files in this directory. These .rules files
contain only text which defines the meta-rules. The first line is the number of
milliseconds between rule changes. The following lines contain the allowed 
rules to use. The meta-rule functionality allows the user to automate rule 
changes. The rule will randomly change from one listed rule to another at the
specified interval.

Please check out: 

to see some examples of output. I also have a more indepth explanation of 
cellular automata in general and this CA specifically.

Rob Long