Kotlin sample code for Bartosz Milewski's CT for Programmers
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Kotlin sample code for Bartosz Milewski's Category Theory for Programmers

Build Status


Contributions (PR, review, issues) are welcome! If you are interested, please indicate that you are working on in the respective issues. You can find the issues for each chapter here here.. Feel free to claim an issue you want to work on by adding a comment. Someone will then move it to In progress in the project board

We discuss Arrow and development of FP in general in Kotlin in the Kotlin Community Slack in the arrow and arrow-contributors channels.

Build the project with:

./gradlew runAnk

Spaces and indentation

Please use 2 spaces to indent your code.

Type-check your code

Use ```kotlin:ank:silent``` for code that is compilable, use ```kotlin``` otherwise.

Use a line of ............. to separate between code examples.

functions vs. methods

If it's a "standalone" function, use the function syntax, i.e.

val f: (A) -> B

If it is inside an interface or class, use the method, i.e.

fun f(a: A) : B


CC image

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.