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A showcase of tutorials, conference presentations, and other Arrow-related content.

How to add a resource

If you have a blog post, talk, or upcoming event on Arrow, please consider opening an issue or a pull request to add it to the collection.

For pull requests, please follow the instructions described below.

Adding a resource

The file needs to be placed in the content/_posts/ folder and the date needs to be indicated in the filename:


An example of file content:

title: Handling exceptions in Arrow
header-image: /img/blog-image-header.png
category: articles
tags: [core]
Description of the resource.

The fields to fill are described below:

Field Description
title The title of the resource
header-image The image the resource will show. Set to /img/blog-image-header.png if you don´t have an image.
category Specify the category of the resource: tutorials, videos, articles, slidedecks (if a talk wasn't recorded and just the slide deck is available; if the talk was recorded, please, choose category: videos and add the link of the corresponding slide deck in the description)
tags Here you can specify the Arrow module or modules to which the resource is related: core, fx, optics, incubator, or meta. You can add more than one tag as follows: tags: [core, fx].
link The link to the resource
event In the case of a conference, please, indicate the event. For instance: event: Lambda World, Cádiz, Spain

Books section

This example shows how to add a new book to the Books section. The file needs to be placed in the content/_books/ folder.

name: Functional Programming in Kotlin
link:" class="book-item