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Contributing guidelines

Building documentation

You can find documentation in modules/docs/arrow-docs/docs/docs

Documentation is being built by ΛNK which gives an ability to verify and interpret code snippets in the documentation. For example:

1 + 1

results in

1 + 1
// 2

To build the documentation, in the root of the project, run

$ ./gradlew clean dokka :arrow-docs:runAnk

The artifact will reside in modules/docs/arrow-docs/build/site. The artifact ΛNK produces could be served as a website by jekyll, a static site generator.

In order to setup a local version of the documentation in your machine, you will have to install gem as Jekyll is written in ruby. Afterwards, install bundler to manage the project dependencies.

$ gem install bundler
$ cd modules/docs/arrow-docs/
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle

After the dependencies are installed, you can preview the documentation by serving the artifact produced by ΛNK.

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --source build/site/

By default, the documentation will now be available at