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Arrowhead Framework Client Skeletons in Java
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Client Skeletons in Java

This project provides client skeletons for the Arrowhead Framework Generation 4.0

These skeletons are to be extended with your own application code.

Contact: hegeduscs'at'

Project structure

This is a multi module maven project, the root pom.xml lists all the modules and common dependencies.

  • BasicConsumer: this is a stand-alone plain Java project (not using maven), the only dependencies it needs are in BasicConsumer/resources folder
  • client-common: a common library module for the other maven modules. Contains all the data transfer objects and common dependencies.
  • consumer: client skeleton which requests a specific ArrowheadService from the Orchestrator
  • provider: client skeleton which registers a specific ArrowheadService into the Service Registry and runs a web server where the service is available
  • publisher: client skeleton which publishes events to the Event Handler core system
  • subscriber: client skeleton which subscribes to specific event types at the Event Handler core system
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