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Beta 1.022 - Variable font with (nearly) full character set: extended Latin including Vietnamese, plus many useful symbols. 'Casual' axis & tweaked instance values for weight (300–1000).

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@arrowtype arrowtype released this 05 Nov 17:01
· 631 commits to master since this release

This release includes:

  • Extensive improvements to the character set, including language-specific ligatures plus proper italic and mono alternates for diacritics (e.g. /iogonek.italic, /rcommaaccent.mono, etc)
  • Adjust weight values in instances: Recursive's heaviest weight is now "ExtraBlack" wght=1000
  • Kerning! This is still in progress, but there is a base set of superplexed kerning in the Sans styles (all line lengths are still the same along other axes, so "superplexed" type setting still works, but with nicer-looking spacing).
  • The "Expression" (XPRN) axis is now renamed to "Casual" (CASL) for clarity. It still goes 0–1, and other axes stay as they were in Beta 1.019

For local use (e.g. in VS Code), use the Beta v1.020 static fonts included in this release (see current recommendations in the readme).

Coming later this month:

  • Improved static fonts (these will work better than the variable font in many code editors and desktop design apps, as variable fonts are still relatively new technology and still gaining support). For the latest versions of static fonts, please see the prior release (Beta 1.019).
  • Many more OpenType features. Currently, there is a very limited set of OpenType features: lira for /fi and /fl ligatures, plus dlig for a base set of code ligatures.
  • Further improvements to kerning in the Sans instances.
  • Any glyphs that may be missing from the intended full character set. If you find a glyph missing from Recursive that you expect in a Latin-script font, please file an issue!

To learn more about the Recursive and its variable axes, see or the readme of this repo.