Some common tools for log analysis
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This is a collection of tools, which I've noticed I am writing over and over again.


lens outputs a distribution of the line lengths in input. This is useful if
you are trying to find a certain type of a problem. For example,

    grep ERROR -r logs

may yield several instances of a repeated problem. This noise then hides the
interesting error messages. Using lens as a filter, such as in

    grep ERROR -r logs|lens

gives you a table of error lenghts.

    183 6
    184 15
    185 31
    186 14
    187 6
    194 15
    195 116
    196 542
    197 2111
    198 3349
    199 2041
    200 1521
    201 207
    294 8
    295 1

In well-formatted log files, lines that have a same number of characters
represent the same error. You can then use pick to find your culprit.


pick selects lines of specified length. Using the above example,

    grep ERROR -r logs|pick 294

would print out the eight lines whose length is 294 characters.