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This DokuWiki template is maintained by ARSAVA [1]. If you like our
projects, you might buy us a coffee [2], or get some cool QR Code
merchandise [3]. Thank you! :-)
[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>
II. Terence J. Grant
This template is heavily inspired and partially based on the great
"Monobook for DokuWiki" template by Terence J. Grant [1]. He developed the
template from 2006 until the end of 2009 but did not have enough time to
maintain it any longer. Thank you for your work and your ideas!
[1] <>
III. Tamara Göbes
Tamara Göbes [1] contributed the French language files.
[1] <>
IV. Luigi Micco <l.micco [ät]>
Luigi Micco [1] contributed the Italian language files an reported a few
[1] <>
V. Yoshitaka Kunikane <y.kunikane [ät]>
Yoshitaka Kunikane contributed the Japanese language files.
VI. Henrik Karlstrøm <henrik.karlstrom [ät]>
Henrik Karlstrøm contributed the Norwegian language files.
VII. Sérgio Evandro Motta <sergio [ät]>
Sérgio Evandro Motta contributed the Brazilian Portuguese language files.
VIII. Theo Klein
Theo Klein contributed the Dutch language files and some ideas.
IX. Stefan Riemer
Thanks to Stefan Riemer, especially for helping so many monobook users at
the DokuWiki forum [2].
[1] <>
[2] <>
X. Jacobo María Pantoja Checa <jacobopantoja [ät]>
Jacobo María Pantoja Checa contributed the Spanish language files.
XI. Martin Hanula <mh.ikar [ät]>
Martin Hanula contributed the Slovak language files.
XII. Andrzej Pruszyński
Andrzej Pruszyński contributed the Polish language files.
XIII. Aleksej Kuznecov <ka2pink [ät]>
Aleksej Kuznecov contributed the Espereanto language files.
XIV. Yuri Timofeev
Yuri Timofeev[1] contributed the Russion language files.
[1] <>
XV. 呂理群
呂理群 contributed the Chinese (as used in Taiwan) language files.
XVI. Rubby
Rubby contributed the Chinese (simplified) language files.
XVII. Myeongjin <aranet100 [ät]>
Myeongjin contributed the Korean language files.