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II. Theo Klein
Theo Klein contributed the Dutch language files and some ideas.
III. Fabio Reis
Fabio Reis contributed the Brazilian Portuguese language files and reported
a bug.
IV. Luigi Micco <l.micco [ät]>
Luigi Micco [1] contributed the Italian language files an reported a few
[1] <>
V. LAINME <lainme993 [ät]>
LAINME contributed the Chinese translation (simplified) language files.
VI. Julien Revault d'Allonnes <jrevault [ät]>
Julien Revault d'Allonne contributed the French language files.
VII. ander
ander contributed the Basque language files.
VIII. Albert Gasset
Albert Gasset contributed the Catalan language files.
IX. Jesús Muñoz Martínez <kisumum [ät]>, Felipe Ruiz
Jesús Muñoz Martínez and Felipe Ruiz contributed the Spanish language files.
X. Aleksandr Selivanov, anarchist IVANOV
Aleksandr Selivanov and anarchist IVANOV contributed the Russion language
XI. David Roesel <>
David Roesel contributed the Czech language files.
XII. Peter Bezemek
Peter Bezemek contributed the Slovak language files.
XIII. Salman Mohammadi <salman [ät]>
Salman Mohammadi [1] contributed the Persian language files.
[1] <>
IX. Myeongjin <aranet100 [ät]>
Myeongjin contributed the Korean language files.
X. Dave
Dave contributed the Hebrew language files.