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* DokuWiki Image Detail Template
* LICENSE: This file is open source software (OSS) and may be copied under
* certain conditions. See COPYING file for details or try to contact
* the author(s) of this file in doubt.
* @license GPLv2 (
* @author ARSAVA <>
* @link
* @link
//check if we are running within the DokuWiki environment
if (!defined("DOKU_INC")){
//do a little trick to use all the layout generated by main.php:
//1) this file will be called from dokuwiki
//2) we are including the main.php and tell it through $_GET["vecdo"] that
// it has to include the needed content from inc_detail.php at the correct
// place.
//get the main.php and signal: include the inc_detail.php
$_GET["vecdo"] = "detail";
include DOKU_TPLINC."main.php";
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